Monday, November 14, 2005

Robble Robble


If you had to abandon your trajectory in life as an ordinary citizen and suddenly become a bank robber, what would your modus operandi be? In you're in Northern Virginia, you might try the uninterupted-conversation tactic:

In the most recent heist, the woman, with sunglasses casually pushed up on her dark hair and a mobile phone at her ear, walked up to a bank teller in Ashburn, Virginia, on November 4 and opened her purse to show a handgun and a note demanding cash, said Loudoun County sheriff's spokesman Kraig Troxell.

"During the entire sequence, she was on her cell phone," Troxell said by telephone. "When we compared it with other robberies that have occurred in the area, we determined she was involved in three other robberies. ... In those cases, she was also on the cell phone."

. . . .

"With the use of the cell phone, was she just trying to act nonchalant, not drawing any attention to herself? Was there anyone even on the other line? Was there an accomplice? Was she just talking to someone on the phone who may not have been aware of what she was doing, just to help her through the crime?"

Link. Alternatively, you might end up in Canada using the old easy-bake trick:

The suspect waits his turn in line and, once at the teller, quietly makes his intentions known on a recipe card. He has never shown a gun.

. . . .

Police declined to say how much money the man, dubbed the "Recipe Card Bandit" by media, has stolen in the robberies.

The Canadian Bankers Association offered a reward of C$10,000 for information leading to an arrest, a move only used twice in the past six years.

Link. That last figure translates to $82.24 in American dollars.

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Image credits: Forest Scene with Robbery, David Vinckboons, Antwerp, early 17th Century.


Blogger The Good Reverend said...

And just like that, the Recipe Card Bandit is in custody.
Check it out.

11:44 AM  
Blogger The Good Reverend said...

And just like that, the Cell Phone Bandit is in custody. Check it out. (BugMeNot)

7:35 AM  

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