Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Maine Creature

Some unidentified animal terrorized the dogs of central Maine last summer, tearing up their throats:
[D]ozens of people say they have recently seen or heard an unidentifiable creature in area woods. It began in mid-August when a Wales man reported that an unknown animal crept out of the woods behind his house and mauled his Doberman pinscher.
The animal that killed Duchess the Doberman was never identified.
Since that attack, people from Wales, Litchfield, Sabattus, Greene, Turner, Lewiston and Auburn have come forward to speak of a mystery creature.

Link. Now, over a year later, the creature is back:
A dog found with a 10-inch gash across its throat in Greene on Monday may have been attacked by a wild animal, veterinary officials said Tuesday.

. . . .

In addition to the gash around the animal's neck, the dog's left front leg appeared to have been chewed on, McCloskey said. There was no indication that it was a person that caused the wounds.

. . . .

"We always go with the most logical answer. In this case, the most logical would be a badger or a coyote," [cryptozoologist Loren] Coleman said. "If I were investigating this, I would start asking in a widening circle whether people in that area have seen damage to livestock. If there are reports of injury to livestock, I'd start looking at the cats."

It is Coleman's nature never to rule out more fantastic possibilities. A big part of his job is to track down reports that may be linked to creatures that so far are only rumored to exist. Bigfoot, for instance. "In the East, we actually see many Bigfoot attacks on dogs," Coleman said. "They absolutely despise dogs."

Link (via Cryptomundo) (registration required, but use BugMeNot). Whatever it is, we should catch it, learn from it, and make it mate with the Glyndon Beast. Then make the offspring mate with the Dover Demon.

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Ooops...sorry. I see that you were referencing the original source of the story. THAT publication requires registration....Sorry squire.

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