Monday, November 28, 2005

Life's Little Annoyances


This new book by the New York Times' Ian Urbina, Life's Little Annoyances, is heartwarming and hilarious, especially the tale on pages 157-59 of a guy who attempted to get back at the Palo Alto parking authority by overpaying by two cents to force more paperwork:
Yet again, Decker wrote to the parking authority. Not only did he implore them to verify with the collections agency that he had already paid, but he also instructed the city to repay him for the postage and expenses he had incurred in dealing with the collections agency. "The bill for postage on that letter [to the collections agency] comes to a total of $0.34, as does the postage on this letter," he wrote. "In addition, I was charged $0.17 for the two copies I made at Kinko's. The expenses are outlined below: Postage for letter to PRS $0.34, Postage for this letter $0.34, Copies from Kinko's $0.17, Total $0.85."
Sounds familiar.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, you're almost famous! Of all your accomplishments (many), this is what get's published? sigh...

3:32 PM  
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