Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Just One Word: Nanotech

Nanoguru (always a fun word to type) Clayton Brown of Nanobound explains why the nanotech industry's investment bubble won't burst suddenly like that of the dot coms:
In nanotech, there is more visibility, at least within a typical investment horizon. For instance, solar power will increase significantly, but we understand the power market and its limits. Similarly, for nano-enabled clothing, we know the size of the apparel market, for quantum-based computing, we know the size of the computer market, for nano-enabled drug delivery, we know the size of the drug market, and so forth... Nanotechnological innovations will disrupt many existing markets over time, rather than aggregating in a new and unfathomable market, at least in the foreseeable future.

Link. That goes, of course, except for space elevators. Who knows how large a market would develop for rides on those things? Dare I say . . . the sky's the limit.

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