Friday, November 18, 2005

But Where Are the Hendersons?

Mark Nelson has what he claims to believe is Bigfoot footage from Sonoma County earlier this month. You can see video and stills here. I found it on Cryptomundo, which is where I also found this comment from a person called squatchworks:
Not a bad video, of course it would be nice to see it from begining to end. One thing that seems odd to me is the arm swing, why does everyone assume a bigfoot makes such big swings with its arms. Freeman has a set of photos that show the arms being flung like in this video. Also the arm length seems human just from looking at second half of the video where we see the bigfoot? moving to the right. Also the beginning of the clip seems like the camera man is waiting for a cue but that could just be due to the cut to make the mpeg. Very interesting but we have to remember that there is a contest running , can’t remember who is doing but i think its a fantasy card game, they are looking for the best hoaxed monster video.

Well, if it is a hoax, I don't think it will win that contest, simply because it's so boring.

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