Sunday, October 30, 2005

Threaten Your Political Enemies with Bogus Curses for Fun and Profit


A group from Bury, England calling themselves The Knights of St Edmund are pretty miffed at some property developers in their hometown, so they've done what any grassroots movement worth its salt would do--they've summoned a curse:
"The curse of St Edmund and St Edmund's reputation for extremely supernatural violence against those who threaten his liberty, abbey, town or shrine, was familiar to everyone in medieval England.

"On St Edmund's day November 20, a formal and public cursing ceremony will take place at Bury to once again summon the avenging saint and dread king to punish his 21st century enemies," the website states.

But those who don't believe in maledictions even when they're real certainly don't believe in this made-up one:
The Knights of St Edmund claim victims of the curse of St Edmund have suffered madness, blindness, syphilis and being eaten alive inside out by worms.

But town historian Clive Paine said: "They have no historical authenticity – there is no such thing as the curse of St Edmund."

Cllr Stefan Oliver, St Edmundsbury Mayor, said: "St Edmund was noted for his wisdom and piety. For any group of people to suggest that they are calling down his curses is totally at odds with the character of the man. "

Link (via The Anomalist). I think the real problem here is that the English are novices at the maneuver we Americans know all too well as "negative campaigning." A red-blooded American politician, threatened by an antagonistic interest group wielding a fabricated hex, would quickly improvise a doubly potent counter-spell. After all, our leaders are no strangers to cursing.

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