Monday, October 03, 2005

Rodents of Unusual Size?

Reuters has given me one less thing to worry about:
Quicksand is not the bottomless pit portrayed in Hollywood films that sucks in unsuspecting victims and swallows them whole.

It is true the more people struggle, the deeper they will sink into the soupy mixture[,] but its buoyancy makes it impossible to be completely submerged, scientists said on Wednesday.
. . . .

They also calculated the amount of force necessary to get a trapped foot out -- and found it was the equivalent needed to lift a medium-sized car. Their findings are reported in the science journal Nature.

If someone falls into quicksand they begin to sink and the sand packs densely around the feet, forming a type of trap. In films people sinking in quicksand usually grab on to an overhanging tree branch or are pulled out just as they are about to disappear under the mucky surface.

Link. Okay, so if you get stuck in quicksand, you're not going to drown, but it is going to be really hard to pull yourself out.

Just remember the words of Homer Simpson: "First I'll reach in and pull out my legs. Then I'll pull out my arms with my face."

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