Wednesday, October 26, 2005

More Ebu Gogoes

Those of you who have followed the ongoing battle over H. floresiensis, the recently discovered hominid who matched up quite well with locals' legends of little people called Ebu Gogo, will be delighted to learn that the remains of eight more of the little fellows have been found in this cave:

The new discoveries include missing parts of the old skeleton - designated LB1 after the caved dig site at Liang Bua - and a collection of other bones, such as jaw and cranial fragments, a vertebra, arm and leg bones, toes and fingers.
. . . .
The researchers say they are now more convinced than ever that Homo floresiensis represents a distinct species and not some diseased individual of modern human (Homo sapiens) as some sceptics have suggested.

Link. Now the only thing that remains is for me to travel to Flores, collect a surviving specimen, and turn it into the star attraction in The Good Reverend's Travelling Wonder-Show.

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