Friday, August 26, 2005



I always see people running around my neighborhood on these things. Apparently they are called ATLVs, or All-Terrain Litter Vacuums, but personally whenever I see one I think to myself, "It's an elephant!" That is, I don't really believe that it is a live pachyderm, but you have to admit it does possess certain qualities of resemblance to an elephant. These people wheel around on these things, which are the size of a small tractor or large riding lawnmower, and use the hose, attached to an ergonomic handle, to suck up litter in the streets, on sidewalks, or throughout the parks.

I spoke with Joe, who drives an ATLV for University City District, and he told me that they are actually pretty crummy. Apparently they get clogged and fail to pick up things they should be picking up. So ATLVs look cool as an elephantine mode of transportation, but their vacuums leave something to be desired. Joe reminded me a bit of that Dyson guy in the vacuum commercials: "I just think things should work properly."

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