Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Asses to Asses


Robert Norton of Pekin, Illinois, loved, above all else, being naked. He upset his neighbors by walking around his yard in the nude. He fought for years for his right to abstain from dress. But in death, Norton has finally lost his battle against the Man. Against his wishes, he will be buried fully clothed:
The 82-year-old said he wanted to be buried in his birthday suit - but his family are having none of it. His brothers have decided to lay him to rest in grey trousers and a shirt. One of them, Jack, is a minister. "He's not going to be buried in the nude," he said.
. . . .
His family said they hoped his burial would lay years of controversy to rest.

Link. First of all, I think that "lay the controversy to rest" joke a bit of poor taste. Secondly, if it's what he wanted, and it's not against the law, aren't they bound to honor it? I smell injustice.

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