Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Little Bull's Room

Since Mrs. Good Reverend is enthralled with everything Seattle and especially the Mariners, I know she'll enjoy hearing about what happened to M's reliever Matt Thornton in the San Diego visitor's bullpen over the weekend:

Seattle relievers were dismayed to find out when they got here that the beautiful, still-new Petco Park does not have a bathroom in the visitors' bullpen, which is down the right-field line, on the opposite side of the field from the visitors' bench.

No one was more dismayed than lefty Matt Thornton, who had go to the bathroom during the game Friday night. To do so, he had to climb over a fence to reach a public restroom, where he had to stand in line.

Link. This leads to the non sequitur quote of the day:

"I met a guy named Stan, who invented a baseball cap with a handle so you can take it off fast to catch foul balls," Thornton said. "He said he tested it at a batting cage on pitches at 75 mph and caught five before the seams started to give out."

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