Sunday, May 22, 2005

Wacky California

From The San Jose Mercury News:

Did Californians elect the wrong actor as governor?

Buoyed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's recent plummeting popularity, Democrats around Sacramento have started wearing ``Don't blame me . . . I voted for Gary Coleman!'' buttons.

The buttons, featuring a photo of the ``Diff'rent Strokes'' actor who was one of dozens of offbeat candidates in the 2003 recall race, are the brainchild of Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez's communications director, Steve Maviglio, and another top Assembly Democratic staffer.

On his own time, Maviglio had 1,000 of the buttons produced after seeing a segment on Jon Stewart's ``The Daily Show'' in which the comedian joked that things were so bad for Schwarzenegger that people were wearing the ``Don't blame me . . .'' buttons.

Link (registration, but use Just another example proving that The Daily Show is the most influential player in American politics. I need to get me one of these.

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