Sunday, May 08, 2005

The Story of the Snake Who Didn't Have Legs

Friday in Eastern Washington, where strange things happen with some regularity, a couple gardeners discovered a rattlesnake while burning tumbleweeds. It was only later that they learned that this was no ordinary snake:
Osorio said he noticed the strange little appendages on the charred snake after the fire died down. "I called to Nancy, 'Come here and look at these little legs,' " he said. Each leg, about a half-inch long, protrudes from the snake's body about 4 inches from the tip of the tail. "Obviously it is a mutant," said McLeod, who wasted no time in trying to alert Kelly Cassidy, curator of the Conner Museum at Washington State University in Pullman.

Link. By Saturday, the story had grown and changed. It was only later that they learned that this was, in fact, an ordinary snake:
"When snakes die in agonizing pain, like being burned alive, the penises expose themselves," [said Mike Wingfield, a Richland resident, self-described retired snake handler and amateur herpetologist].

Link. I have just one word for you:


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