Monday, May 09, 2005

How You Got Here

Search engines are powerful tools. Without them, people would be forced to think in complete sentences and actually figure out what reference to look things up in. The answer to all things, of course, is The Good Reverend. If you are reading this because you clicked the immediately previous link and ended up here, congratulations, you just did something useless. Anyway, I thought we might all want to know what sorts of things people are likely to find on The Good Reverend, according to Google and/or Yahoo. According to Google, as of this posting, I'm the . . .
. . . #2 result for crow attacking toad liver stomach burst.
. . . #10 result for "Huffard" "underwater bipedal locomotion."
. . . #9 result for FBI data on "guns and bars."
And according to Yahoo, I'm the . . .
. . . #2 result for arthro plura.
. . . #5 result for spiritual meaning exploding toads crows.
. . . #8 result for Charisse Hartzol.
. . . #7 result for hoe rap court.

I'm sure these rankings will change shortly. But at least for the time being, I'm authoritative on things people need to know.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a really good thing you're working hard to fulfill everyone's internet needs.


Mrs. Good Reverend

"Damn, I wish I was your lover. . ."

3:09 PM  

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