Friday, May 13, 2005

Fountain of Youth - Don't Drink the Water


Twelve-year-old Brooke Greenberg is only as old as she feels, which is twelve months old. She has a rare disorder--so rare, she's the only one with it--that prevents her from aging. It's no walk in the park, either:

"In height, weight, she's 6 to 12 months," [Brooke's pediatrician Dr. Laurence] Pakula said. "If you ask any physician who knows nothing about her, the response is that she is maybe a handicapped 2-year-old."

Her body may not be aging, but Brooke's health is deteriorating. She is fed through a tube, and she's had strokes, seizures, ulcers, severe respiratory problems and a tumor the size of a lemon.

The four times Brooke has come dangerously close to death, she bounced back and no one knows why.

Link. That's, uh, really strange. I feel bad for her. I think I knew some guys in college who had something similar, but it was entirely mental and emotional.

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