Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ebu Go Went?

Mars from Musings on Mars points me to a recent discovery of pygmies--regular, old, abnormally short homo sapiens--in the caves on Flores, suggesting that H. floresiensis never existed, but that Ebu Gogo, who keeps turning up on The Good Reverend, was just a short little native who talked funny and had pendulous breasts:

If the newly found community of 77 pygmy families in Rampapasa village can be directly linked to the tiny ancient remains, Jacob and Henneberg could strengthen their argument that Homo floresiensis never existed.

"The presence of the pygmy people (at Flores) is both very interesting and surprising," Jacob told Kompas. "For years, scientists from all over the world could only see their traces."

According to Jacob, the Rampapasa adult males tend to be less than 4-foot 7-inches in height, while adult females only stand about 4-foot 4-inches. The hobbit skeleton would have belonged to an individual who stood about 3-foot 5-inches, said Richard Roberts, professor and senior research fellow at the University of Wollongong in Australia.

Link. Well, any theory that allows for the Ebu Gogo to actually exist, whether they are homo sapiens or not, is fine by me. But I'm reminded of the immortal words of Randy Newman.

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Im thinking about going looking for the EBU go go how would I have o go about this?

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