Tuesday, May 17, 2005

And He's Talking with Davy, Who's Still in the Navy


A month ago local police in Sheerness, Kent, England picked up a man walking along a beach in a suit and tie soaking wet. They took him to a hospital and he wouldn't say a word. When the hospital workers brought him a piece of paper in hopes that he could write, he drew a detailed picture of a grand piano. So they took him to a piano. And they discovered that the man who wouldn't talk would play.

Hospital workers led him to a piano in the hospital chapel, where he seemed to play flawlessly. He has been playing ever since -- bits of Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake," and long sad compositions apparently of his own making -- for up to four hours at a time. He protests when he is forced to stop.

Newspapers call him the "Piano Man," and nearly six weeks after he was found, the nation wonders: Who is this shy virtuoso?

Is he British or a foreigner? Did he fall off a ship? Or did he try to drown himself? Is he an amnesiac? Or is he suffering mental trauma?

Over the weekend, authorities made a public appeal to try to identify him. A haunting photograph of the hospitalized man, who appears to be in his 20s or 30s and is clutching a plastic folder containing sheet music, appeared in national newspapers Monday. TV news was filled with pleas for any information.

Link. If I washed up in England in a suit and tie and couldn't speak, I like to think that I could communicate through the didgeridoo. Except I've never played it. But it looks cool.

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