Thursday, April 28, 2005

Where All My Baby Teeth Went

Amidst all the recent hominid news, connects the dots from Flores Man to Ebu Gogo to Fairies to Scotland. For the "pro" camp, there's a Nineteenth Century naturalist and a hotel owner:
John Frances Campbell of Islay was one of the first to go into print with his new theory. "I believe there once was a small race of people in these islands," he wrote in 1860.
. . .
One man not afraid to stand up and state his belief is Sir Iain Noble, the owner of Hotel Eilean Iarmain on the Isle of Skye.
"There's no question that they existed. They most definitely did," Noble insists. "We have two fairy houses quite close by and we have records of conversations between fairies and people on the island."

For the anti-fairy folks, there's book-learnin' folks from the University:
"I think it's highly unlikely," says Michael Bird, a geo-scientist and professor at St Andrews University who was involved in carbon dating the skull in Indonesia. "Although it's good for funding to let people speculate that they were around for a long time, I think it is probable that modern human ate them just as soon as they landed on the islands."
Bird is even less enamoured of any attempt to suggest that a similar race of little people were responsible for the fairy lore of Scotland, pointing out the devastating effect of the Scottish Ice Age.
"Scotland was virtually completely covered during the Ice Age and would have been a particularly nasty place to be," says Bird. "I really don't think anyone would have survived it."

Link. I'm siding with Bird for now. I don't think I'd be able to resist eating the fairies.

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