Monday, April 11, 2005

We'll all be like Lestat


This man, Aubrey de Grey, says that in a few decades, we're all going to start living forever:

You think this project is going to succeed in your lifetime?

I think it’s got a respectable chance. I’m definitely not relying on it. My main motivation comes from the thought of how many lives will be saved.

Your strategy would involve not only preventing aging, but reversing it as well. Does that mean people will get to choose what age they want to remain?

Absolutely. So the idea is that we wouldn’t be eliminating aging from the body. It’ll be a case of going in periodically and having the accumulated damage repaired. So exactly what biological age you actually have at any point is really just a question of how often you go in for rejuvenations and how thorough they are.

So the more treatments you undergo, the younger you can be?

That’s right. I think it’s reasonable to suppose that one could oscillate between being biologically 20 and biologically 25 indefinitely.

Link to What's next, a cure for seventeen stab wounds in the back?

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