Thursday, April 28, 2005

Tows are Crovoking Exproding Ploads!


The AP may have solved the mystery of the exploding toads: it was the butler! No, wait, sorry, it was the crow!

Based on the wounds, Mutschmann said, it appears that a bird pecks into the toad with its beak between the amphibian's chest and abdominal cavity, and the toad puffs itself up as a natural defense mechanism.

But, because the liver is missing and there's a hole in the toad's body, the blood vessels and lungs burst and the other organs ooze out, he said.

As gruesome as it sounds, it isn't actually that unusual, he said.

Link. Oh, well, as long as toads spontaneously exploding because crows are dextrously excising their livers isn't actually that unusual . . .

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