Tuesday, April 05, 2005

TheGoodReverend's Tour of Philly

This weekend I checked out Reading Terminal Market for the first time. It's Philly's public marketplace--filled with vendors hocking sandwiches, meat, produce, fish, flowers, crafts, books, and little shotglasses with the liberty bell on them. Some of the vendors are even Amish.

Saturday is a crowded day there, and on this particular Saturday the weather wasn't very nice, so I was kind of in a bad mood. Still, the market is a unique gem.

They've got one of those Pike Place Market pigs, although in all fairness I'm not sure which market had the pig first.

should be a picture of a pig here

And they even have a shop that sells spices by the pound.

One of the great things about living in the city is being able to shop at places like this or a local farmers market, like the one in my neighborhood park, rather than at, say, Safeway. For this reason, Philadelphians love their market and will defend it to the death.

But even if you don't live in Philly and you're just stopping by, Reading Terminal Market is a great place to visit to grab lunch and take in the sights, the sounds, and the smells of our fair city. And gawk at the Amish.

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