Friday, April 22, 2005

Recipe Friday

I didn't prepare any really great recipes this week. I have to admit, I'm a slacker. But this week I have a good reason: I can't eat. Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration. I can't eat very much.
You see, monday I was preparing some delicious instant potatoes au gratin from Trader Joes. The instructions have me microwave them on high for twenty-five minutes. I should have been on guard. At least it told me to let them cool for five minutes. Well, after the five minutes were up, I went to take a bite, when what to my wondering mouth did appear but a scalding hot cheesy potato that stuck to my hard palate. This potato was so hot that, in the half second it remained, it managed to give me a second degree burn. I developed a blister. At this point I'm thinking, should have let them cool for ten minutes. Well anyway this horrible burn on the roof of my mouth has yet to heal four and a half days later. There are only a few things I can comfortably eat, and one of them is Mrs. Good Reverend's wonderful creation:
Fruity Freeze
The name works on a couple levels. Anyway, this one is really easy, so long as you have a blender.

Food related products you'll need:
1 cup plain yogurt
1.5 cups milk
2 tablespoons powdered sugar
1/2 cup of ice

Now, you're going to need some fruit to make up the fruity part of this fruity freeze. At this point you have options, from which you can select according to your taste or means:

Option A
2 medium peaches, pitted
1 large banana, peeled. Maybe even divided into three perfect wedges, for fun.

Option 2
1 small orange, peeled
1/2 grapefruit, peeled
2 tablespoons pineapple juice, peeled (seeing if you are paying attention)
3 tablespoons coconut cream
Dash of lemon juice

Option III (if you make this version, omit the powdered sugar)
1/4 cup cherry jam, jelly, or preserves
1/4 cup boysenberry jam, jelly, or preserves
1/4 cup blueberry jam, jelly, or preserves
1.5 tablespoons pomegranate juice

Hardware you require:
One blender
Measuring cups and spoons

Okay, got your option picked out? Ready for this?
Take all your fruits, the yogurt, the sugar, and the milk, and stick them in a blender.
Blend until smootherific

What's left over? The ice!
Add the ice to the blender one cube at a time, blending until the whole thing is milkshake thick and smooth

Whippo! You are done.

Enjoy. May it soothe the mouth burns of us all.

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