Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Premonition Comes to Fruition

An Illinois woman, influenced by a premonition of her own death, took steps to save her soul that ended up killing her:
Charisse Hartzol decided to take her spiritual life more seriously after two recent events: the death of her beloved aunt and a premonition of her own death in a dream.

These happenings led the elementary school teacher to rush home from Champaign before dawn Sunday to make a church service in Chicago Heights.

She never made it.

Hartzol, 22, and two friends, Michael Edwards, 25; and Ramadan El-Amin, 21; were ejected and killed from a car that struck a truck head-on about 5:30 a.m. Sunday on Interstate Highway57, police said. Edward Gaines, 62, of Monee also was killed in the crash.

Link. Wow. That's so . . . every movie about physic visions / time travel ever made.

Goodbye Crow.

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