Sunday, April 10, 2005

Power forward of the Seattle Supersonic-ahs

What's wrong with Seattle's power forwards? Lonnie Shelton, Xavier McDaniel, Shawn Kemp, Vin Baker, Danny Fortson--all have met untimely suspensions, retirements, legal troubles, or spontaneously combustions. One even choked on vomit--it may not have been his own vomit, but we don't know whose vomit it was.

By way of explanation for this, I have two words for you: Spencer Haywood. And one more word: voodoo. That's right, something D-O-O economics. Seattle Times has the story:

Haywood made mention that he placed a hex on the team and would only lift the spell upon receiving confirmation that his No. 24 jersey would hang in the rafters.

"I'm from a place where we know about voodoo and stuff like that," said Haywood, a native of Silver City, Miss. "I got some chicken bones around here, so I used some old Black Magic like that boy in Boston did to the Red Sox. This stuff is real, man."

It's difficult to know when Haywood is joking or being serious.

Luckily the Times brought in a voodoo expert to sort out the facts from the fiction:

"On some level, they are aware of what's going on, perhaps not consciously," said Ms. Medicine Woman, an ordained minister, spiritual healer and Earth steward. "Or if they are aware of it, they might have laughingly dismissed it. But it's been talked and it's out there.

"Until they believe it, address it head-on, then it will always linger. And in this case, to reject it they must first say, 'I understand this belief system and I send it back. I do not claim it. It does not belong to me. I ask that it return to its source.' Until that's done in some meaningful way, then you can say that yes, the curse will remain."

Link. Usually you get your number retired because of the great contributions you have made to the team, but I suppose freaky voodoo blackmail is as good a reason as any.

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