Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Off Dasher, Off Dancer

Lappland Reindeer--140 of them--pulled a lemming and ran off the edge of cliff:
One hundred and forty reindeer have plunged to their death in Lappland in northern Sweden, possibly having been chased off a cliff by a single lynx, reindeer herders said on Tuesday.
. . .
"It's a massacre. I have never seen anything like this," town spokesman Nils Petter Pavval told local paper Norrländska Socialdemokraten, adding that the reindeer had been grazing when something frightened them.

Link (hattip to The Anomalist). I'm not so sure about this lynx theory, but it does conjure up memories of Wild America with Marty Stouffer. I think possibly the elves were behind this. Or, worse, a puma.

I love that the story chooses to include this information at the end:
According to [Olof Tomas] Labba [of the Tuorpons Sami town that owns the reindeer], the reindeer had been valued at about 300,000 kronor (42,500 dollars).

So what you're saying is, I could buy a reindeer for like 300 dollars?

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Sorry, but no lemming references, please.

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