Thursday, April 28, 2005

More Strange Satellite Images


Two weeks ago I brought you news about the new images of Area 51 that are easily accessible on Google's satellite maps. Now Defense Tech has pictures of all sorts of strange airfields and formations gathered by poking around on Google, such as the above weird giant marking thing:
DS: Five circles inside of a triangle. It looks fake. But it shows up on other images and has road to it. It has to be an ultra secret homing symbol to assist E.T. with landing...Ok, just's a bombing target.
JA: Sand, Cat D9, Bored Airman, Time, some assembly required. It could possibly be another navigational target, but just how many of those do you need in a 10 square mile area? Yanking the former Soviet Union's intel guys' chains? Yanking the Roswell bunch's chain?

Link (via Sploid). Leave this case alone, people. The military will not tolerate a Google investigation.

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