Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Make sure to get the right lighting

A barman in Somerset, England, was cleaning up the pub when he grabbed the wrong dishrag and ended up bitten on the hand twice by this guy:

To paraphrase a great television personality, the spider was yooge. So what did the guy do?
MATTHEW STEVENS’S first reaction when he was bitten by a giant spider that he disturbed while cleaning the freezer in his pub kitchen was to take its photograph with the camera in his mobile telephone.

The chef’s impressive presence of mind, prompted by the suspicion that his mates would never believe him, may have saved his life. Within minutes his hand had swelled to the size of a balloon. Later as doctors fought to save his life in hospital they were able to send the picture to experts at Bristol Zoo who identified his assailant as a Brazilian Wandering Spider, one of the deadliest arachnids in the world.

Link (via Fark). Lucky for Mr. Stevens, there's an antidote to Brazilian Wandering Spider venom. Here's a lesson to all you potential bite victims out there: treat the assault like the crime it is, and get a good ID of the perp. Later the cops can catch the mofo, smack him around a little, and ask where the antidote is.

Query: If the Brazilian Wandering Spider met Allomerus decemarticulatus in the Amazon and they got into a tussle, who would prevail? Methinks the trap ants, because there's no antidote to sheer animalistic depravity. But it would be awesome, like the T-Rex versus the raptors at the end of Jurassic Park.

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Blogger The GraveDigger said...

When I was in Sicily, they used to have "Bug Wars" at the archaeology site. This mainly consisted of finding a non-ant and putting it on an anthill, and seeing who would die first. Here's a little secret: the ants always win. Credit community, cooperation, or colonies, but let's face it - any one thing versus tons of other things doesn't have a chance.

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