Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Garlic Mashers

A little over a month ago I suddenly became really into mashups--bootleg mp3s featuring several songs mixed ("mashed") together to create one coherent whole. You may be familiar with a few semi-famous ones: the Destiny's Child/Nirvana mashup "Smells Like Booty" from a few years back, or DJ Dangermouse's infamous Gray Album, mashing Jay-Z's Black Album with The Beatles' eponymous white album. In the intervening weeks, my interest has waned, mostly because the majority of mashups seem to be done by any dork with the right software and some limited knowledge of pop music (what an elitist music snob am I).

Yet even though I've stopped listening to most of the mashups I downloaded and quit searching for new ones, there is one shining example of a perfect mashup that remains in my playlist: DJ Earworm's Scissor Sisters vs. The Beatles vs. George Michael vs. Aretha Franklin gem "No One Takes Your Freedom." Download and see for yourself.

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you should check out Too Many DJs.

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