Saturday, April 30, 2005

Fun with Google

Google is many things: a powerful search engine, a comprehensive knowledge base, a growing corporation--and also a major player in the burgeoning field of Internet procrastination tools. One great new such tool is Grant Robinson's non-corporate-approved Guess the Google. The game displays a grid of images returned from a single Google Image search term, and your job is to guess the term. If you see, for instance, pictures of singers on stage, guitars, and screaming fans, you'd guess "concert" and score points for speed and accuracy.

My favorite new Google waste of time doesn't require any additional software. I like to call it
Plot the Bastards.
Step 1: Go to Step 2: Enter a city, zip code, or other location into the search bar. Step 3: Choose a search term, preferably something humorous, offensive, silly, or all of the above, and enter it into the search bar. Google Maps will return a map plotted with the top results for the term you entered in the location you chose. Following these steps, I managed to discover the following:
Go forth and search for more creative (and obscene) people and places than I have.

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