Thursday, April 28, 2005

Death Worm Expedition

Four English scientists, the Beatles of their era, are setting out for Mongolia in search of the legendary Death Worm and are blogging the whole expedition:
[We] are to spend a month in the hostile Gobi desert in search of one of the world’s strangest and most elusive monsters, the Mongolian Death Worm. Known to the locals as Allghoi khorkhoi (Mongolian for intestine worm due to its resemblance to a length of cow’s stomach), the blood red creature is much feared.

Three to five feet long, the Death Worm is said to lurk beneath the sands, emerging only at certain times of the year to spread fear among the desert dwellers. The nomads insist that the beast can spit a corrosive yellow saliva that acts like acid and that they can generate blasts of electricity powerful enough to kill a full grown camel. It is a monster worthy of Dr Who but how true are the stories?

Link (via Fortean Times). I, for one, hope they don't find it. Discovering this thing could . . . open up . . . a whole . . . can of . . . ah forget it.

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