Thursday, April 21, 2005

Cal sucks

Cal indeed sucks. In a related story, the life of one particular bear, who stole a professor's computer in order to cheat on the final, is about it get even suckier:
You are in possession of data from a hundred million dollar trial, sponsored by the NIH, for which I'm a consultant. This involves some of the largest companies on the planet, the NIH investigates these things through the FBI, they have been notified about this problem.

You are in possession of trade secrets from a Fortune 1000 biotech company, the largest one in the country, which I consult for. The Federal Trade Communication is very interested in this. Federal Marshals are the people who handle that.

You are in possession of proprietary data from a pre-public company planning an IPO. The Securities and Exchange Commission is very interested in this and I don't even know what branch of law enforcement they use.

Link to Boing Boing story with AV files of the professor's in-class rant, link to transcription on Blast Radius. Clearly this is retribution for the Play coming home to roost. Can retribution come home to roost? Well it just did.

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