Sunday, March 27, 2005

TheGoodReverend's Tour of Tucson

Of the few unique manmade attractions in Tucson, the airplane boneyard is at once the most impressive and the most ridiculous. The boneyard is a wide open field filled with decommissioned aircraft on Davis-Monthan Air Force Base and apparently affiliated with the Pima Air and Space Museum. Old planes are put out to pasture in retirement mecca Tucson, but if needed they can always be called back into duty.

I grew up less than a mile from the most visible portion of the yard at Kolb and Escalante in the Southeast. When you're a kid, the idea of miles and miles of airplanes, wrapped in protective coccoons, excites the same part of you that sees forts in sofa cushions and lava on the ground around stepping stones. When you're an adult, it just makes you smile. Gloriously reproduced in the immortal Tucson 80s flick Can't Buy Me Love, the boneyard is in reality best glimpsed through fences along Escalante or Valencia roads. Anyone with developed senses of both irony and wonder must not miss the boneyard on a visit to Tucson.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh man, those sofa cushion forts. My sisters and I had an awesome one built using the cushions of the fold-out couch in our basement. We would pull out the bed, and conceal the space underneath using the couch cushions. But the best part was, one of us could just squeeze into the space in the couch where the bed had been. Sometimes I wish I could still fit in there--what a retreat. ;)

--Mrs. "Still a Child at Heart" Good Reverend

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