Friday, March 25, 2005

Sneaky octopus

Researchers at Cal Berkeley report instances of bipedal behavior in octopi--that is, they stand up and walk around on two tentacles on the ocean floor:

The other type of octopus, which camouflages itself as algae in tropical waters from Indonesia to Australia, looks like a sea monster scooting along the sea floor on two legs. Huffard filmed this creature off Australia's Great Barrier Reef easily rolling over rocks and other obstacles.

"This behavior is very exciting," said Huffard, who first noted it five years ago in the coconut octopus but only recently was able to capture both types of octopuses on film. "This is the first underwater bipedal locomotion I know of, and the first example of hydrostatic bipedal movement."

Link - and they've got video. Well hopefully octopuses won't go the way of the dolphins and evolve opposable thumbs.

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