Monday, March 07, 2005


Mrs. Good Reverend and I spent the weekend watching over my cousin's little girls while their folks are in Europe. They're five- and seven-years-old. Playing with them, watching them smile, I realized one thing:

I don't want to have kids. At least for a while. A good while.

I mean they are fun. Don't get me wrong. Cute, funny, and small enough to take wherever you need to go. But there are a few annoyances you don't think about when you think of kids:

(1) If you do something fun for them, like pick them up and spin them around, or play a game with them, they will constantly ask you to do it again, over and over, until you regret the day you ever thought of such a diversion.

(2) They grow to be big enough to hurt you long before they figure out how to not hurt you, or even that hurting you isn't a good idea.

(3) They're sneaky. They lie, cheat, steal, and commit arson for one more piece of licorice when you told them two was the limit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aww, but they say funny things like, "You're not too fat, yourself!" and "It's the pain that hurts me." And they tell me I'm pretty. :)

-Mrs. Good Reverend

11:42 AM  

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