Monday, March 28, 2005

If it hadn't been for my horse

We all have had the experience of overhearing a stranger say something that, out of context, or even in context, sounds completely ridiculous. Well, if you live in New York, which I don't, but whatever, there's a website for you:, where people record the strange things they've overheard other people say. In New York. Such as...

Receptionist: So, it's your name on the insurance card?
Girl: No, it's my partner's.
Receptionist: Your husband?
Girl: No, my partner.
Receptionist: What's his name?
Girl: Emily.
Receptionist: Your husband's name is Emily?
Girl: She's a girl.
Receptionist: Oh...Ohhh.

--Park Slope ob/gyn


Woman #1: It's really small, you know, but the sex is wonderful.
Woman #2: You mean he's rich?
Woman #1: Yeah. Exactly.

--Union Square

The fun never ends.

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