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I’ve been working on this idea for a musical based on One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Here’s a few segments:

Scanlon: So here you are, McMurphy, one of us now.

McMurphy: Am I?

Scanlon: Or course you are!

Scanlon, Martini, and Taber, singing:

Consider yourself a loon!

Consider yourself part of the nuthouse!

You’re in here among the best.

You’re flying over the cuckoo’s nest.

* * *

Nurse Ratched: I’m sorry, Mr. McMurphy, but you don’t have enough votes to change the routine meeting time.

McMurphy: I can get one more. Just you watch. Singing:

Put up your hand, Chief Bromden.

The truth is it’s for the Series.

All through my time here

I’m sick of routine.

Stick it to the Big Nurse,

Put the game on the screen.

* * *

McMurphy: What’s that salve for?

Nurse: Conductant.

McMurphy: So I suppose after this I’ll be in for goodness and mercy, huh Doc?

Doctor puts bit in McMurphy’s mouth, then sings:

Gray matter’s gonna clear up,

Put on an electrode;

Just tell your mind to cheer up,

Put on an electrode.

Take off that crazy mask of lunacy,

It’s all a crock;

There’s just one thing for your brain,

That’s an electro-shock!

Sanity will be flowing like it never flowed,

Just put on an electrode!

* * *

At the finale there's a big show-stopper:

Bromden: What’s wrong McMurphy? Are you lost? Anything is better than being lost.

McMurphy, rising from catatonic state, sings:

I just wanna shout


Betcher bottom dollar that Lobotomy

Will cure your ills.

Just thinkin’ about


Put away the anarchy and the sodomy

And the thrills.

When I think of a brain

In pain and misery,

I just stick out my lobe

And hope and pray

Lobotomy! Lobotomy!

I love ya, Lobotomy!

You’re only a corpus callosum away

Bromden, lifting a pillow, sings:

When I think of a brain

In pain and misery,

I just pick up a cushion

And push him away!

Lobotomy! Lobotomy!

I hate you, Lobotomy!

I’ll suffocate you away!

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