Thursday, February 03, 2005

You too can be a pop punk superstar

Homemade formulaic pop punk song, with special thanks to Mrs. Good Reverend for her major contributions (credit and blame should go her way):

She hated
Her boyfriend
But she swore...she would stay...'til the end
He told her
She's worthless
And then she...started to...believe it

Then she saw
An ad for
A concert...she'd never...seen before
Sex Pistols
Next Thursday
She dressed up...and snuck out...on her way

Johnny Rotten said
He was an anarchist
As Sid Vicious strutted and pumped his fist
And with the crowd at CBGB dancing with themselves
That's when she knew she had it bad
For the Sex Pistols

Now this is
The part where
She does change clothes...dye her hair
I find some
Rhyme for "ass"
So I can...then say that...she kicks ass


[Derivative guitar solo]

Then she dumps
Her boyfriend
Runs off with...a roadie...a changed woman
I mix up
The rhyme scheme
To once more...suprise you...with the word "ass"


[Grand finale shout:] Kick ass!


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