Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Recizzle Fridizzle

Just in case you didn't catch (or didn't understand) last Friday's recipe, I thought it might be helpful if I gizzoogled it (and forthwith take no responsibility for the offensive language, hilarious or otherwise, that results):

Okay, today's recipe is going ta be really easy, fo` tha culinarily inept out there, coz I am feel'n lazy.
Las Quesizzles Locas

Stick'n wit tha Mexican theme today. You'll need:
2 flour tortillas (okay, this is going ta sound disgust'n, but if you can find them, git tha kind made wit lard pusha tizzy shorten'n--they is soooo much betta tast'n n authentic)
Some hustla
Couple fistfuls (`bout 1/2 cup, maybe) of shredded mexican cheese (monterey jack works wizzay or cheddar--they have these bags of shredded mexican blend in tha dairy section that wiznill work J-to-tha-izzust fine)
Two tablespoons of salsa (izzle playa tha nigga
Little bit of garlic powda

As far as hardware goes, you'll need:
A griddle or big skillet
A spatula
A butta knife
Maybe a cheese poser if you don't git tha pre-shredded cheese
A spoon

Lay out yo two tortillas n nigga one side of each. Tizzy fizzle them ova, gangsta side down n' shit.
Spread tha shredded cheese over one of tha tortillas until it's `bout a rappa inch thick all around droppin hits.
Spoon some salsa on tha top of tha cheese.
Sprinkle wit a shawty garlic crazy ass nigga.
Put tortilla numba two on top wit tha brotha side out (so now you've gots cheese n salsa sandwiched between two tortillas, wit brotha on tha top n bottom of tha sandwich).
Stick tha quesadilla on tha griddle n tizzy tha brotha up ta medium fo' real. Once it starts trippin' use tha spatula ta lift up tha bottom tortilla so you can chizzeck its color . Holla!. When it's golden brown, flip tha quesadilla ova


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