Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Paris area code

Apparently someone hacked into Paris Hilton's little Sidekick phone organizer gadget and has been broadcasting the information over the internets.

It's alarming that she has business with Gary Shandling (Tucson raise the roof) and Gavin Newsom. It's even more alarming that she can't spell either of their names. But what's most alarming is that the URL for the MTV story about this contains the name "Lindsay Lohan." I think we have our prime suspect.

Ah well...it was only a matter of time before Paris Hilton's private life was available for download. What's that you say?

P.S. I remember seeing this newscaster on CNN Headline News several months ago talking about Paris working at a nudist colony for one of the Simple Life sequals. When the entertainment reporter wrapped up and invited banter from the anchors, the one anchor responded "let's just hope her cell phone doesn't go off!" Hmm, what has he been watching?


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