Thursday, February 03, 2005

Celebrity Death Pool

So a few of my buddies and I have a celebrity death pool going, hoping we can cash in on a few of these dead celebrities we hear so much about. If anyone on our lists dies by the end of 2005, we get a score equal to 100 minus their age at time of death. If it's one of the people with a predicted mode of death, and we have correctly guessed the mode, we get triple points. Whoever has the most points by the end of the year wins. Also a winner: heaven, for gaining so many great new angels. PS No killing allowed.

The Good Reverend
1. George W. Bush (assassination)
2. Dick Clark
3. Jerry Colangelo (cancer)
4. Michael J. Fox (Parkinsons)
5. James Brown
6. Ayad Alawi
7. Charlton Heston
8. Michael Irvin
9. Fidel Castro
10. Courtney Love

Clay Town
1. Kirk Douglas
2. Boris Yeltsin
3. J.D. Salinger
4. Paul Newman
5. Macauley Culkin
6. Viktor Yushchenko (Assasination, or suspected assisination)
7. Larry King
8. Warren Christopher
9. Hamid Karzai (president of afganistan) (Assasination)
10. Muhammad Ali (Parkinsons)

1. William Rehnquist (thyroid cancer...that's what he has right?)
2. Dennis Franz
3. Bob Barker
4. Milton Friedman
5. Barbara Walters
6. Walter Cronkite
7. Lewis Black
8. Fat Joe (heart attack)
9. Gene Simons
10. Clint Eastwood

Seggy Seg
1. christopher lee
2. dr. dre
3. alan greenspan
4. chuck palahniuk
5. richard pryor (multiple sclerosis complications)
6. dick cheney (assassination)
7. wolfgang petersen
8. michael jackson
9. rupert grint (mauled by dog -- i'm going all-in on this baby...)
10. george h. w. bush

1) Pope John Paul II (old age)
2) Osama Bin Laden (killed by US troops w/ bomb)
3) Bill Murray (heart attack)
4) Shaquelle Oneal
5) Barry Bonds
6) Warren Sapp
7) Jeff Gordon
8) Dale Earnhardt
9) John Madden
10) Angela Lansbury


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