Thursday, February 03, 2005

Babelfish telephone

Just thought I would share with you a new useful fun tool I've discovered. If you go to babelfish, you can translate something from a language into another language. If you do this a bunch of times, you can play "telephone" by translating through several languages and then back into English. For instance, if I translate the text of this message from English to Greek to French to Portuguese to English, I get this:

Exactamente thought with vocĂȘs a new useful I've instrument of amusement that is discovered would share. If it goes to babelfish, can translate something d'une language in another language. If made this a relation of the years, can play "telephone" with the translation it saw diverse languages and seguidamente behind l'anglais. For example, if I translate the text of this message d'anglais to the Greeks to the Frenchmen to the Portuguese in English, volume this:


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